Our Focus is BRANDING

AIM Graphics is in the business of Improving Company Images… through effective BRANDING and BRAND MANAGEMENT. 

Using a structured proactive plan we create, improve, or re-invent corporate images using NEW branding and marketing strategies, or improving upon strategies already in place.   Our focus is on Bars and Breweries, but we effectively work with all types of companies, because the basics of successful BRANDING run true across all industries.

It is hard to believe that in today’s competitive business world, there are still companies out there who fail to see the importance of “good” branding, and continuity in branding!

It is most important in industries with a great deal of competition.  Why?  It is human nature to gravitate toward things familiar to us, or what we feel we “know.” And what is it that makes us feel a sense of familiarity and maybe even loyalty with a company we may never have done business with?  The answer is simple – Logo/name recognition.

How do you create or build brand recognition/identity?  By putting your name out there Continually and Consistently.   Consistent Branding using the same name, same logo, same color scheme, etc., builds familiarity, creating “Brand Identity.”  That’s typically how elected officials get voted in – often not by their record, but by name familiarity– they recognize the name they’ve been hearing for weeks/months and that’s the name they pick on the ballot… The same theory applies here:

Some keys to Successful Branding –

  • Keep Logos ConsistentConsistency = Recognition = Familiarity – using a different or non-consistent logo every time you advertise sabotages any chance of brand identity/familiarity being created.
  • Keep Names ShortThe longer the name, the more difficult it is to remember – AND – the longer the domain name that a person has to type, the more likely they are to make a mistake, resulting in an agitated/frustrated potential customer.
  • Keep it SimpleIt’s hard to understand why anyone ever names a business with a family (or other) name that is difficult to pronounce and/or spell…  In today’s world of Siri, Cortana or Google Now (voice activated info searches on mobile devices) where the computer has to recognize the name as pronounced, assume the spelling, then do the search, why add difficulty to a system already prone to “auto-correcting” (often incorrectly) the word(s) they deem incorrect.
  • Consistency = ProfessionalismUsing one logo on a business card, another style logo on a brochure, let alone a third style logo on a website, is very unprofessional.  Decide on a logo you feel accurately represents your company, and stick with it.  Use it everywhere you put your name. Period.
  • Internet ManagementWe call it “Image Defense,” which is keeping on top of what the internet is saying about you.  Have you moved and updated all the links to your new address?  Are you a service industry with many reviews on Yelp or other similar consumer opinion sites?  Many people write that information off as nonsense, but there are some very beneficial aspects of monitoring what those sites are saying, good or bad…
  • Use Social Media –  Don’t have a big budget?  Do NOT underestimate the power of social mediaTake advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the other popular social networking outlets.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

Seem overwhelming?  We’re here to help!  Call us at (586) 219-5848 and we’ll set up an appointment to discuss your situation and determine what steps we will need to take to move your company in the right direction…